NFL fan knocked out in the stands during preseason game.

NFL fan knocked out in the stands during preseason game.

Things may be quiet in the hockey world, but NFL fans were in midseason form last night.

Jonathan Larivee

Things are, relatively speaking, pretty quiet in the hockey world these days as free agency begins to wind down and with a new NHL season still several weeks away, but NFL fans it would seem are already in midseason form.

On Saturday night, during an NFL preseason game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Kansas City Chiefs, a wild brawl broke out in the crowd that resulted in at least one fan appearing to be seriously injured. The reason behind the brawl isn't entirely clear, although alcohol likely played a factor.

In a short video published to social media, a group of fans can be seen fighting with one another in the crowd as both security and other fans in attendance try to seperate the men. One man with a shaved head and a white t-shirt can be seen striking another man with a towel over his head, a decision he would likely come to regret. The man who was wearing the towel on his head promptly removes it, and lands several hard-looking blows to the head and face of the man who just got done hitting him.

We lose sight of the initial aggressor for a brief moment, only to see him reemerge in very bad shape. Not only does he appear to be completely out of his feet, and likely concussed, after fans and security help him off the floor but the damage that has been done is also clearly visible on his face, neck and in his mouth.

And to think all of this was over an exhibition game that doesn't even count in the standings.

Needless to say if you intend on attending an NHL game please do not engage in this type of behavior, both for your sake and for the sake of those around you.