Protester uses hockey stick to slapshot tear gas canister at Portland police

The form is ugly... this guy won't be challenging Al MacInnis anytime soon.

Published 3 years ago
Protester uses hockey stick to slapshot tear gas canister at Portland police
Alex Milan Tracy

Look, we’re a hockey news website… we don’t like to get political. I’m of the opinion that sports should act as an escape from the harsh realities of life, including politics. In fact, that sentiment has never been more true than it is today. It seems like everything is so politically charged these days that I can’t even flip on a hockey game for some respite for a couple hours. Oh… and forget watching and NFL or NBA game without having some sort of political agenda shoved down your throat. For the most part the NHL is one of the few politics free zones… at least out on the ice.

But what about the moments when that flips? Not when we have politics in hockey, but we have hockey in politics? Those are interesting moments. 

Take earlier this week in Portland, Oregon as an example where a protester used a hockey stick to fire tear gas canisters back at Portland police.

Check it out:

Protester in Portland hitting back a tear gas cannister with a hockey stick, while another uses a leaf blower to direct the gas back at the feds. LMAO.

Okay… let’s put politics aside for one moment and get to what really matters: This guy has a terrible shot. 

What is going on with your form here, buddy? Have you ever held a hockey stick before? Because it sure as Hell doesn't look like it...

Okay, let's give you day one Mini-Mite Tykes training here: First off, get that right hand further down on the stick… it's not a golf club. Oh and is that a child’s stick? Did you pick this up at a toy store on the way to your protests? Or maybe this is your old street hockey twig from childhood? On second thought though, it doesn't look like you played much street hockey during your childhood. I tell you what, please just do us all a favour and get yourself a proper senior sized twig then please for the love of God work on your slapshot. 100 pucks a night at an open net for two weeks until you're allowed back into the protests with your Sherwood PMP.