Vince McMahon and the WWE paving the way for the return of the NHL

That's Mr. McMahon's music!

Published 3 years ago
Vince McMahon and the WWE paving the way for the return of the NHL
Zuma Press

If you needed any further proof that we're currently living in a bizarro world, just check out this story.

Florida Governor Ronald DeSantis has declared the WWE to be an "essential service" and will allow the wrestling federation to operate matches without fans in attendance.

WrestleZone- WWE RAW will be live from the WWE Performance Center tonight and they aren’t skirting any legal restrictions to do so.
Orange County mayor Jerry Demings explained the situation today. “Originally, they were not deemed an essential business,” Demings said. “With some conversation with the governor’s office regarding the governor’s order, they were deemed an essential business.”

Okay, first off... WTF?!

Secondly, if wrestling is considered an essential service then what about hockey, football, basketball, golf, etc.?

You know what though? Maybe I shouldn't complain... if Vince McMahon and the WWE break down the walls and get live sports back on TV then maybe I'm all for this? Then again, the WWE announced just yesterday that one of their athletes has indeed tested positive for COVID-19. So... again... WTF!?

More from ESPN:

WWE was deemed an "essential business" in Florida, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings said Monday, allowing the company to resume live television shows from its Orlando training facility and Full Sail University in Winter Park.
The decision, outlined in an April 9 memo from Gov. Ron DeSantis' office, could open the door for other sports to resume in the state.
According to Demings, WWE initially was not designated as essential and therefore was not exempt from the state's shelter-in-place order, which took effect April 3 and runs through at least April 30. That decision was reversed after "some conversation" with DeSantis' office, Demings said Monday during a news conference.
Essential businesses that are supposed to remain open during Florida's stay-at-home order include those in the health care, financial, energy, food, communications and transportation sectors. According to the memo sent by the governor's office on Thursday, recent additions to the list of "essential services" in the state include "employees at a professional sports and media production with a national audience -- including any athletes, entertainers, production team, executive team, media team and any others necessary to facilitate including services supporting such production -- only if the location is closed to the general public."

Source: ESPN