50 years ago today: Bobby Orr scores one of the most iconic goals in NHL history.

Orr's flying goal.

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It is a moment that just about every hockey fan in the world has seem in some form or another over the years, arguably the most iconic goal ever scored in the sport, Boston Bruin legend Bobby Orr's Stanley Cup winning goal from the 1970 Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

It happened 50 years ago today and ironically enough the two teams facing off in that Stanley Cup Final were the St. Louis Blues and the Boston Bruins, the same two teams that we most recently saw face off in the Stanley Cup Finals, although in 1970 it was the Bruins who emerged victorious. At the time Bobby Orr, who is now one of the most recognizable figures in the sport of hockey, was just a 22 year old sensation in the sport and had yet to achieve the legendary status he now holds today, holds in part thanks to this very goal. 

It has often been called Bobby Orr's "flying" goal as a result of the iconic photograph that was snapped of Orr's celebration following the goal itself, one that shows him seemingly sailing through the air like some kind of superman. Funnily enough when he was asked about the goal Orr answered in a way that many hockey players would today, stating that he was simply doing his best to put the puck on goal.

"I was really trying to get the puck on net, and I did. As I went across, Glenn's legs opened. I looked back, and I saw it go in, so I jumped."

The moment was not only a magical one because of the picture or the fact that it was scored by a young Bobby Orr, it was also especially meaningful to the fans in Boston who had gone nearly 30 years without winning a Stanley Cup Championship at that point, their last such victory dating back all the way to 1941. Although most of you will have no doubt already seen it, we have included a video of Orr's legendary goal as well as the seconds leading up to that moment. You can hear the voice of former CBS broadcaster Dan Kelley on the call for this one.