A look at all five goals from an absolutely insane first period in Game 5.

If you missed any of the action we've got it for you.

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If you just expected the San Jose Sharks to roll over and die you were absolutely wrong about that, in fact the Sharks, who are facing elimination with a loss, jumped out very early to a 2-0 lead over the Pittsburgh Penguins.

If you expected the Penguins to fold after giving up to very early goals you would also be absolutely mistaken, because they needed just 22 seconds to bring the game back to even, stunning the Sharks and bringing the home crowd to their feet. In all it was the fastest four goals to start a Stanley Cup Final game, ever.

It wasn't done there however, because the Sharks would not go quietly into the night, bouncing back from two quick goals to once again take the lead with a third goal three quarters of the way through the first.

Here's a look at all five goals.... so far.