A look back at the legendary Joe Louis Arena.

An amazing look back.

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If you have been a long time fan of the National Hockey League and especially if you have been a long time fan of the Detroit Red Wings organization then this is an absolutely must see piece of content for you.

On Saturday the National Hockey League released a Documentary style video on their YouTube that takes a long look back at one of the most storied arenas in the league's history, Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. The arena of course served as the home of the Detroit Red Wings for many, many, years prior to the construction of the more modern Little Caesars Arena and is the home to many, many, memories for the fans that cheered on the Red Wings' teams and players that played in that building. 

The documentary features just about every Red Wings personality you could imagine both via clips from the Red Wings past as well as sit down interviews with several players who help weave the story being spun here. This is no glossing over of the legendary arena either, this one runs for well over an hour so if you have been looking for a way to get your hockey fix then this one will have you covered for at least a little while, and again it is well worth the watch. 

This one comes courtesy of the National Hockey League.