Adam Erne channels Pavel Datsyuk for an incredible goal.

That is uncanny.


The Detroit Red Wings have not had a great deal to celebrate this season but if you decided not to tune in to Saturday night's game between the Red Wings and Nashville Predators you missed out on something special.

Like many of his fellow Red Wings this season, 25 year old forward Adam Erne has not had a strong start. Coming into tonight's game Erne had failed to register a single point on the season thus far, but when he finally decided to wake up from his slumber he did so in spectacular fashion. So spectacular was Erne's performance in that single moment in fact that many long time fans of the Red Wings will remember an eerily similar play that also involved the Nashville Predators.

First here's the play I'm referring to, an incredible end to end goal on the part of Erne.

Now the goal on its own is amazing and you really don't need to add anything to it to make it special. That being said in the not so distant past a man named Pavel Datsyuk scored a goal that looked an awful lot like the one scored by Adam Erne tonight, so much so in fact that one fan has cut the footage side by side to show the mind boggling similarities between the two.

Now to be clear I am not suggesting that Adam Erne is the kind of player that Pavel Datsyuk was during his time in the NHL, nor am I seriously suggesting that Erne channeled the spirit of Datsyuk (who is very much still alive by the way) in order to score this goal. But boy is this cool.