All hell breaks loose in New York with 3 fights in the final 30 seconds!

Multiple fights break out in the final moments.

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We may have the beginning of a new and very intense rivalry brewing in the National Hockey League's Eastern Conference.

On Friday night the Ottawa Senators traveled to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York to take on the New York Islanders in what should have been just another regular season match up on the schedule. For much of the game it looked like that is what it would be as the Ottawa Senators got out to an early 3 - 1 lead over the Islanders and appeared to be well on their way towards cruising to a victory. The Islanders however had very different ideas and in an impressive comeback they would go on to rally with 5 unanswered goals on home ice to pick up a huge comeback victory for their fans in attendance.

That being said though all the attention after the game was not on what had transpired on the score sheet but rather what had gone down in the games final 30 seconds. Whether it was frustration at the fact that the Islanders had just mounted a huge comeback or at the fact that the Islanders were running up the score, frustrations boiled over late in the game and it resulted in a series of altercations on the ice, each progressively more intense the one before it. 

It was Islanders forward Matt Martin and Senators veteran Mark Borowiecki who kicked things off with the fisticuffs as both men finally had enough of one another with just over 30 seconds left on the game clock. That fight however would only serve to set the tone for what would come in the next 30 seconds as more fights quickly followed. Following Martin and Borowiecki were Christian Jaros and Ross Johnston and in this particular case both men appeared to be throwing punches with some serious intent behind them. The punches were obvious haymakers and it looked like both men were trying to end the fight with a single punch.

With only 10 seconds left on the clock that should have been the end of it, but with no time left to go at all, all hell broke loose.