All out line brawl breaks out between the London Knights & Ottawa 67s.

These two teams do not like one another.

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Things got nasty in the Ontario Hockey League on Friday night. There is no love loss between the Ottawa 67s and the London Knights and that was on full display last night when an entirely uncontroversial goal resulted in an all out line brawl that included every single player out on the ice. 

The London Knights were on the power play when 19 year old defenseman Ryan Merkley, San Jose's first round draft pick (21st overall) at the 2018 National Hockey League Entry Draft, fired a shot from the blue line that found its way into the 67s net. The goal seemed entirely innocuous but it was clear that the 67s were not happy about it and things turned ugly rather quickly.

It was defenseman Hudson Wilson of the Ottawa 67s who seemed to be the one that set things off when he appeared to deliver a slash to a player off camera after the goal was scored, understandably prompting the ire of the other Knights' players on the ice. Following the slash everyone on the ice paired up and went at it, with the camera seemingly focused on the battle between Mitchell Hoelscher and Jonathan Gruden

You can check it out for yourself in the video below.