Beagle gets Letang's stick jammed in his helmet.

An awkward moment in Game1.

Beagle gets Letang's stick jammed in his helmet.

One of the highlights from the highly anticipated Game 1 in the first round playoff series between the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins was a strange one.

In the final two minutes of the games third period,  during a battle for the puck in the corner, Washington's Jay Beagle and Pittsburgh's Kris Letang got tangled up and somehow Beagle came out of the corner with Letang's stick firmly lodged in his helmet.

Beagle tried valiantly to get the stick removed from his helmet, and surprisingly the National Hockey League officials on the ice made the decision to allow play to continue, forcing beagle to retreat to the bench, with Letang's stick waiving through air above his head.