Blackhawks create the most cringeworthy moment of the offseason at the Mall of Berlin.

This is hard to watch.

Blackhawks create the most cringeworthy moment of the offseason at the Mall of Berlin.

It is hard to put yourselves in the shoes of either of these young men without immediately getting the desire to just crawl out of your skin and run away.

The sport of hockey is quickly growing in the country of Germany thanks in part to the development of high profile stars in the National Hockey League that are from the country. Of course the biggest name right now in the NHL is that of German-born Leon Draisaitl, star forward for the Edmonton Oilers, and teams around the league have been quick to try and capitalize on the growing market that the exposure of high-profile German players has created.

One of those teams is none other than the Chicago Blackhawks, and although the Blackhawks no doubt had very good intentions when they planned a promotion today at the Mall of Berlin, I doubt that they got the results that they were expecting. Not do not get me wrong there was a pretty good turn out for an event at a mall in a foreign country, a surprising number of fans wearing Blackhawks gear no less, but the big reveal has to be considered a total botch. 

Fans were eagerly waiting in line in front of what can only be described as a big blue tarp as a man with a microphone, presumably the host of the event, began to hype up the crowd about what could await them behind the curtain. The crowd was clearly excited but when it came time for the big reveal the two attendants in charge of bring down the tarp showed just about the worst coordination you could possibly imagine. The result was one of the most cringe-inducing unveilings you have ever seen, one that clearly made the members of the media attending the event, and the players involved, more than a little uncomfortable. 

Now of course I am merely reading into the expressions on their faces here, so it is quite possible that I am completely off base in my assessment of how they felt, but just take a long glance at the look on the face of Dylan Strome as the tarp comes down. He even seems to glance at the cameraman as if to hope that cameras aren't rolling for the unveiling.