Blake Comeau crushes Max McCormick and sends him to the locker room.

Doesn't look good.


What an awful night to be Max McCormick.

On Saturday night the 28 year old journeyman had himself just about the worst night humanly possible in the National Hockey League, the only thing that could have made it any worse for McCormick would have been putting the puck in his own net. McCormick, who is not a regular in the Hurricanes lineup, got the night off to a rather horrendous start when he appeared to inflict a serious looking injury on Hurricanes goaltender Petr Mrazek by crashing into his net. In his defense McCormick was actually trying to come back and make a good defensive play, but those good intentions won't replace the injured Mrazek.

When you consider the fact that after 3 games Mrazek was boasting a 1.01 goals against average and a .955 save percentage, arguably the best start to any season of his NHL career, it was a disaster for McCormick. Of course taking out your teams starting goaltender is really bad, but at the very least McCormick himself was able to walk away from the collision with Mrazek with his health intact.

And that's where Blake Comeau enters the picture.

Deciding that McCormick's night simply wasn't going bad enough the Dallas Stars veteran decided that he would make McCormick's night even better by sending him to the locker room with an injury. While McCormick was already engaged in a battle for the puck along the boards, Comeau lined him up for a big hit and caught McCormick defenseless, pancaking him into the end boards and clearly injuring the Hurricanes forward. You can tell from the body language alone that McCormick's shoulder, or something in the area of his collarbone and shoulder, had been seriously injured. 

Almost instantly after McCormick got crushed between Comeau and the end boards he began screaming in pain and clutched at his shoulder in the process, indicating that this was where the injury occurred. McCormick would remain down on the ice for only a few short moments however, eventually getting up under his own power and racing into the Hurricanes locker room to seek medical attention.