Brad Marchand burns the Rangers power play with a shorthanded goal.

Oh my goodness.


The Boston Bruins put their veterans in the lineup for Saturday night's preseason contest against the New York Rangers, and during the game's first period it was a veteran who stole the show.

The Bruins were already up 2 - 1 in the period but the Rangers had a shot at closing that gap when they were given a power play. Despite the advantage for the Rangers it was the Bruins who would find the back of the net when none other than Brad Marchand pick up yet another shorthanded goal.

Marchand, who ranks among the top 20 all time shorthanded goal scorers in the National Hockey League, was given a great opportunity to extend the lead despite the man disadvantage thanks to a brilliant lob from Bruins defenseman Brady Lyle. The puck snuck past all but one man on the ice for the Rangers and landed perfectly within reach of Marchand himself, who then capitalized on the chance he had been given.

Marchand burned the final Ranger in his path and wasted little time putting the moves on Rangers goaltender Alexandar Georgiev. The Rangers backup had the angle to his advantage but he bit on the feint from Marchand and that was all the room that the crafty veteran needed, guiding the puck up and over Georgiev and into the back of the net.

It was no doubt one of the most spectacular goals of the preseason thus far and both Lyle and Marchand deserve full marks for their efforts in making this one happen.