Brad Marchand drives Kris Russell into the boards from behind.

Marchand gets away with one.

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The Boston Bruins faced off against the Edmonton Oilers in a matinee game on Saturday and as one Bruins insider predicted the Bruins came out looking pretty flat in this one. Bruins insider Joe Haggerty had some information to help in his seemingly psychic prediction of today's events but nonetheless his prediction proved to be rather impressive. 

Here's what Haggerty said before the game:

I don't want to be Debbie Downer, but a Bruins team with an illness running through their dressing playing a Saturday afternoon matinee against a non-conference opponent in the Edmonton Oilers. Yeah, today could be a tough one for the Black and Gold


As it turns out he was spot on in his prediction and the Bruins were never really in this one, with the Oilers taking an early advantage and never looking back. It was not every member of the Bruins who seemingly took this game off however as once again notorious Boston Bruins agitator Brad Marchand was up to his old tricks in this one, and in fact he even got away with it. During the game Marchand took some liberties with Edmonton Oilers veteran defenseman Kris Russell and following the game we were treated to a rather fantastic camera angle of the play, although Russell likely won't appreciate it very much.

The video replay is shot from inside of the glass along the boards so you can actually see Russell's face go right into the glass as he gets pushed or cross checked from behind by Marchand. The reaction from Russell here is almost comedic in its nature as you can see his face shift from surprise to pain to confusion as he seemingly tries to shake the cobwebs off after the hit from Marchand. The slow motion replay only adds to that factor with Russell's facial expressions slowly developing right before our eyes before he eventually falls to the ice. 

Fans in Edmonton were up in arms about this one not only because of the man who delivered the blow to Russell, but also due to the fact that Marchand seemingly got away with the play. No penalty was called on this one by the NHL officials on the ice.