Brad Marchand mocks Hurricanes captain Justin Williams in Game 2.

Marchand getting under Williams skin.

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The last thing you want if you are facing the Boston Bruins in the playoffs is to let notorious Bruins agitator Brad Marchand under your skin.

I'm not saying Marchand is in the head of Carolina Hurricanes captain Justin Williams after just 2 games have been played in this series but there is no doubt that, with the Bruins already leading 3 - 0 in the second period, Marchand got under his skim at least for a brief moment during Game 2. Marchand has been exceptionally disciplined during this Stanley Cup playoff run for the Boston Bruins and it has not only kept the Bruins out of trouble, but it has led to some big time advantages for the team as well.

The latest was on Sunday during Game 2 when Marchand perfectly baited Justin Williams into taking an entirely needless penalty, a penalty that would eventually lead to the Bruins 4th goal of the game. It was not just the fact that Marchand baited Williams into take the 2 minutes that have to eat at him though, and not even just the goal that came after, because Marchand was sure to add some salt to the wound.

As Williams was being carted off to the box Marchand made sure to taunt and mock the Hurricanes captain for a lack of leadership, making the "C" symbol to clearly show the world exactly what he meant.