Brandon Duhaime scores his first NHL goal... for real this time.

Not exactly a beauty.

Jonathan Larivee

It was probably not how Brandon Duhaime had dreamed about scoring his first ever goal in the National Hockey League, but if the look on his face was any indication of how he feels about it, he'll take it anyways.

On Saturday night the Minnesota Wild were taking on the Anaheim Ducks and the Ducks got out to an early lead in the opening minutes of the first period. It wouldn't be long however before Duhaime would tie things up for the Wild, and he did so by scoring one of the ugliest goals  you're ever going to see in the NHL.

Duhaime had actually lost the battle in front of the Ducks net with Ducks defenseman Josh Manson getting the better of him in that particular exchange. In fact Duhaime had even managed to lose his stick, but it would be the loss of that very same stick that would make the magic happen for him.

As the Wild rookie bent over to pick up the stick he had lost off the ice, a bouncing puck somehow found its way right onto his prone skate and deflected cleanly into the Ducks net. It took a split second for Duhaime to realize what had just happened, but once he noticed, the beaming smile that was printed across his face told the entire story of the moment for him.

Even though the goal was as ugly as it gets, the moment was no doubt especially sweet for Duhaime. Not only did he have a long journey to the NHL at the age of 24, but this is actually the second time he scores for the first time in his career.

Duhaime previously recorded a goal against the Los Angeles Kings, or at least the initial call on the ice was a goal, but following a coaches challenge on the part of the Kings the goal would be overturned. In that case the NHL officials ruled that there had been goaltender interference on the play, a call that robbed Duhaime of what would have been his first goal.