Brawl breaks out during commercial break in the AHL!

Multiple fights occur during a commercial break.

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There were a couple of scraps that took place during a brawl in the American Hockey League on Wednesday night, but unfortunately the fans watching at home may have missed a part of it if they got up during the commercial break.

Even the broadcast crew appeared to be got off guard when all of a sudden they were witnessing a brawl in front of their very eyes when there was meant to be a stoppage in play.

While there were a number of altercations during the incident, the two main fights were fought between John Quenneville and Max McCormick as well as  Nathan Bastian and Christian Jaros.

The fight between Bastian and Jaros was a particularly good scrap, with both men throwing and landing some heavy punches in the battle. The two even traded a series of uppercuts with some intent behind them. 

Here's the replay.