Brawl breaks out in Detroit on Wednesday night!

Things get heated in Detroit.

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For the better part of three periods of hockey we had a relatively clean game between the Calgary Flames and the Detroit Red Wings, but with the score 6 to 2 in favor of the Red Wings late in the third period, things got more than a little heated.

Detroit Red Wings forward Luke Witkowski dropped the gloves with Brett Kulak and it wasn't much of a fight at all. Witkowski thoroughly dominated Kulak with some punishing right hands, eventually dropping Kulak down to the ice with his punches. Once Kulak was already down Witkowski continued to rough him up, and that clearly did not sit well with the Flames.

As Kulak was being led off the ice by the National Hockey League officials, Flames agitator Matthew Tkachuk delivered a shot to the back of Witkowski's leg, and that's when all hell broke loose. 

Both sides began to brawl with even the goaltenders getting involved in it all, but perhaps getting it worst of all was Flames defenseman Travis Hamonic who fell into the Red Wings bench with big Anthony Mantha on top of him. 

Hamonic looked to have been bloodied when he finally got back up.

Update: Better video.