Breaking: Claude Giroux hurt by late hit after the play.

A disaster for Philadelphia.

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We don't have much information as this has occurred just moments ago.

During Friday night's exhibition game between Team Canada and Team USA, Philadelphia Flyers' forward Claude Giroux was injured when he was hit late by San Jose's Joe Pavelski.

The hit caught Giroux in the lower back, but his leg also appeared to get tangled in a skate so it's very difficult to tell exactly what is ailing him. We do know that he was taken to the locker room following the hit and has yet to return to the game. He seemed to be in considerable pain so we wouldn't be surprised if his night was over.

There were a number of ugly hits tonight from Team USA including this hit from T.J. Oshie on Logan Couture that sent him headfirst into the boards and this hit from Ryan Kesler on Shea Weber that led to his ejection from the game.

Update: Thankfully despite Giroux seeming like he was in considerable pain he is now back on the bench.