Breaking: Head coach loses it after horrible call from the NHL officials!

This is just a disgrace.

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When we criticize National Hockey League officials we try to go easy on them, largely because they have one of the most difficult and most thankless jobs in all of professional sports, but this was an embarrassment. 

On Thursday night with the Buffalo Sabres taking on the Montreal Canadiens, Habs forward Andrew Shaw was called for interference against Sabres forward Jason Pominville, a call that sparked outrage from the Habs bench.

That's because once the replay was shown on the jumbotron, it became rather apparent that while Shaw never saw Pominville coming, Pominville may have in fact deliberately created the collision. 

Now we of course understand that Shaw has earned himself a reputation for taking cheap shots at the expense of opposing players, but that did nothing to calm down Habs head coach Claude Julien who could be seen dropping a few F-bombs directed at the officials. 

A truly awful call.