Breaking: Roman Polak takes a run at Connor McDavid in exhibition game.

A hit a lot of people are not going to be happy with.

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There were a number of National Hockey League fans who already didn't have the most loving feelings when it comes to defenseman Roman Polak, and this hit will almost certainly earn him a whole new bunch of haters.

During an exhibition match up between Team North America and Team Czech Republic Polak too a run at the NHL's golden boy, Edmonton Oilers forward and former first overall pick Connor McDavid, delivering a hit to him with just 5 seconds left in the second period.

Somewhat surprisingly Roman Polak's teammate on the Maple Leafs, Auston Matthews, can be seen coming to the aid of Connor McDavid, obviously not liking the hit Polak delivered to him. Some have already called out Polak for boarding on this play, but the good news is we've got a clip of it below so you can judge for yourselves.