Brendan Gallagher blows a gasket and blasts NHL officials AFTER the end of the game.

Gallagher blows a gasket.

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I think it is safe to say that Montreal Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher was furious at the officiating on Saturday night. 

The Montreal Canadiens faced off against the Dallas Stars on Saturday night and early on it looked like the Habs were going to pick up a much needed win, a win that they desperately needed as they sat 10 points back of a playoff spot just roughly a week out from the National Hockey League's trade deadline for the 2019 - 2020 NHL regular season. Unfortunately in spire of acquiring a big 3 goal lead early on the Habs managed to collapse down the stretch, although there is no longer any doubt that the team feels they were given the shaft by the NHL officials that were overseeing the game. 

Montreal Canadiens head coach Claude Julien had plenty to say about the officiating following the game, and in fact in a rare moment of honesty from an NHL coach he singled out one member of the officiating crew in particular. Julien called the performance from that official an embarrassment and frankly given some of the things that transpirred on Saturday night you would be hard pressed to blame the coach for venting after what turned into a 4th straight loss for the struggling Habs.

"Like I said, (the officials) looked frustrated, or one of them looked frustrated tonight — the referee," said Julien as per Sportsnet. "He should have been, because to me it was embarrassing. I can’t say anything else. We take responsibility for some of our stuff and when we’re not good I’m going to stand up here and say we weren’t good enough tonight. Well, tonight we had to beat two teams and it was tough."

When you consider how much the NHL likes to hand out fines for people who are critical of their officials, that was a damning statement from the veteran head coach, but even that did not compare to the reaction from the aforementioned Gallagher. Following the conclusion of the game Gallagher skated over to the officials and gave them a piece of his mind, a rare display of raw emotion and frustration from a player directed at NHL officials following the conclusion of a game. 

It seems like that there will be some fallout from this, but what that may be remains to be seen.