Brind'Amour snaps after one of his players is ejected from Game 2 on a terrible call!

What a call.


There is going to be plenty of debate about this hit following this game and possibly even this series.

On Saturday night Carolina Hurricanes forward Micheal Ferland was ejected from Game 2 of the Hurricanes first round series against the Washington Capitals in the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs for an illegal check to the head. The problem with the call on this play was that there is certainly a lot of debate to be had about whether or not Ferland even made head contact on the hit, and as you would expect that left the Hurricanes and their fans absolutely steaming mad. 

Perhaps no one though was angrier than Hurricanes head coach Rob Brind'Amour who absolutely unloaded on the poor National Hockey League official who came over to the bench to explain the decision to Brind'Amour. I am not a lip reader but it sure looked like there were plenty of F-Bombs in Brind'Amour's comments all while he was screaming about no head contact. 

Judge for yourself.