Bruins fan goes mental after someone spills food on her at the game.

This lady is fired up.

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Boy oh boy this lady was fired up, and to be perfectly honest I would probably have been at least a little angry if I were in her shoes as well. 

A video has surfaced online showing what appears to be an extremely angry Bruins fan at TD Garden arena in Boston, and somewhat surprisingly it is another Bruins fan that appears to be the target of her ire. Although we do not know exactly what happened leading up to the incident it seems clear that the woman is rather upset about the fact that the man she is screaming at has spilled food on her, her clothing, as well as her boyfriend during the course of the game. 

The woman appears to be irate however and she really lets the alleged culprit have it while he sits there quietly eating away at this meal. In fact, although it does seem that some members of the audience sympathize with her, it gets to the point where even the other fans around her are clearly getting either uncomfortable or annoyed and they get involved in an effort to diffuse the situation.

Perhaps the most telling part of this video for me however is that, although the woman clearly mentions that her boyfriend has also had food spilled on his clothing as well, the boyfriend in question is never seen at any point during the video. It seems like he may be the kind of guy that is well aware of his girlfriend's temper and he may have thought it better to get the hell out of the way before she exploded like a lit powder keg. 

To the credit of the guy who allegedly spilled the food on the angry woman he somehow manages to maintain his cool the entire time in spite of the fact that this woman is screaming at him so loudly that her voice becomes hoarse over the course of the argument. He even appears to make a feeble attempt to wipe off some of the food from her clothing with a napkin and apologizes to the angry lady when she demands one from him. 

Here's the video: