Buffalo Sabres are “wide open for business.”

Changes must be made.


It sounds like the Buffalo Sabres may have seen enough. 

After a big offseason signing in the form of veteran forward Taylor Hall the Buffalo Sabres had expectations coming into this season, expectations that would have at the very least seen them show an improvement when compared to their recent history. Unfortunately for fans in Buffalo it has been more of the same and perhaps even a little worse this time around with dysfunction poking it's ugly head out at seemingly every level of the organization. 

Sabres general manager Kevyn Adams and Sabres head coach Ralph Krueger have appeared to be on different pages at times this season and Krueger was embarrassed last month when comments he made about the health of Sabres superstar Jack Eichel were directly contradicted by Eichel himself. 

All of this has created a situation that is entirely untenable and on Saturday night National Hockey League insider Elliotte Friedman confirmed that there were indeed big changes on the horizon for the Sabres.

"Another loss again today, they've now lost 6 games in a row," said Friedman during Saturday's Headlines segment. "Kevyn Adams had a zoom call with the media yesterday where he called the way they are playing 'unacceptable.' He has, as he said, been talking to just about everybody in the league to see what is out there and the word is that the Buffalo Sabres are 'wide open and that they are listening on all options'. 

There's no question that the Sabres are an absolute mess and there's even less question about the fact that major changes need to be made within this organization. Although Friedman would not say definitively which players will end up traded this season, he did go out of his way to highlight two players in particularly that he has been hearing about in the rumor mill.

"I heard there have been a lot of questions that have been asked about Sam Reinhardt I've heard that there have been questions asked about Eric Staal in addition to some of the other names that you would expect." said Friedman."

Of course high profile players like Jack Eichel, Taylor Hall and Jeff Skinner could also in theory become available, but both Skinner and Hall have no movement clauses, while the prospect of trading Eichel is no doubt a last resort for the Sabres organization.