Casey Cizikas cross-checks Oskar Lindblom in the head.

No call on the play.


The Philadelphia Flyers were not very happy with this non call in the third period of their Sunday night matchup against the New York Islanders and I can hardly blame them.

Things were understandably tense in the third between these two teams given that the game was all tied up at 3 goals a piece, but there's no question that Islanders forward Casey Cizikas took a few liberties with the health and well being of Flyers forward Oskar Lindblom. There was a battle for the puck along the boards in front of the Islanders bench and Cizikas came in initially and delivered a solid hit to Lindblom laying him out on the ice. That should have been the end of it, but instead when Lindblom rose to his feat Cizikas hit him with a cheap shot.

The cross-check that came down on Lindblom caught him either in the head on the neck and you could see Lindblom checking that part of his body after he managed to get back to his feet. Thankfully it looks like Lindblom is going to be alright, but one has to wonder if the NHL will judge this infraction worthy of review.

It's hard to imagine how the officials missed the call on the play given that it appeared to be rather blatant at the time, but the Islanders and Cizikas were not penalized for the infraction. This seems especially egregious given that everything was being called in this game resulting in several power plays for both teams through the course of the game. 

No doubt these factors contributed to the fact that the Flyers are so unhappy about the situation, as you can see from the fact that they have shared the replay on their own social media.