Clayton Keller dislodges the net from its moorings using nothing but his groin.

That can't feel good.

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I am fairly confident that when this incident took place last night every single man that was in eyesight of a television set, or live in attendance at the game, actually winced in pain.

On Friday night during a match up against the Las Vegas Golden Knights, Arizona Coyotes forward Clayton Keller had something of an unfortunate mishap when he took the Golden Knights' net straight off of its moorings and effectively put an end to what looked like it could have been a scoring chance for his Coyotes. Keller and fellow Coyotes teammate Phil Kessel were leading the charge into the Golden Knights zone when Keller lost his balance and went crashing into the net. Now this is a fairly common occurrence in the National Hockey League, and it is for the players own safety that the net now comes off of its moorings so easily, but Keller dislodged the net in a rather unique fashion on Friday night. 

You see the way that Keller fell to the ice sent him spinning at just the right angle, or the wrong angle if you were hoping to ever have children with Clayton Keller someday, resulting in his legs acting like a pair of field goal markers for the goalpost. The end result was the goalpost splitting the metaphorical uprights, Keller's legs, leaving only Keller's groin there to stop his forward momentum. Groin clashed with metal post and you don't need me to help you figure out which side walked away from that battle victorious. 

Keller went groin first into the goal post and almost immediately curled up into the fetal position in an effort to protect himself from damage that of course had already been done. To his credit, and likely to the credit of his protective cup as well, Keller did not linger on the ice too long before slowly making his way back to the Coyotes bench. That being said it was pretty obvious that the young forward was in some serious discomfort as a result of this incident, and he could be seen hunched over all the way back to the Coyotes bench. Thankfully Keller was able to shake it off and perhaps he will even be able to have children one day.