Connor McDavid dances around the Penguins to set up an incredible goal.

McDavid makes it look like a video game.

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Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid wasn't the one to tap it in on this play, however most fans are likely to remember his part in this goal than that of the goal scorer, Oilers forward Leon Draisaitl.

McDavid danced around Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Olli Maatta during the the second period of the Wednesday night match up between the two teams, eventually sending a pass behind him to give Draisaitl an easy tap in.

In the defense of the Penguins, who end up looking rather bad on this sequence, the clearing attempt of defenseman Kris Letang was blocked by the linesman on the ice. That bounce found it's way right onto the stick of McDaivd and was one of the main causes of this play in the first place.

You can see Letang outraged on the side of the net after the goal, and he doesn't hold back as he screams at the NHL official.