Corey Perry pulled from the game after a huge hit from Alex Tuch.

Perry pulled by trainers or the NHL.

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Credit to Dallas Stars forward Corey Perry for trying to soldier his way through this one, but there is little doubt that pulling him out of the game for the sake of his own safety was the right decision.

Perry was the victim of a huge hit that came courtesy of Las Vegas Golden Knights forward Alex Tuch, one that occurred well away from the play and one that clearly caught Perry off guard. The impact of the hit flattened Perry, sending him crashing to the ice and it was there that I think he suffered the worst of the blow. Perry's head appeared to smack off the ice as he fell after the hit, and National Hockey League analyst Pierre McGuire expressed that Perry was in some distress when he returned to the Stars bench.

Perry would remain on the bench for some time before eventually returning to the ice for a shift, however he has now been pulled from the Stars bench either by the league or by the Stars training staff, it is unclear at this time. 

Here's the hit:

Update: Perry has returned to the game and appears to be ok.