Crawford gets run over and goes right after the player who hit him!

Don't mess with Corey Crawford!

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A reminder to all the players out there who want to run a goalies net, it takes a few screws loose to stand in front of frozen pieces of rubber that can come at you in excess of 100/mph, and you don't want someone with a few screws loose angry at you.

This is a lesson poor Robby Fabri of the St. Louis Blues learned the hard way, and frankly almost through no fault of his own, when he seemed to awaken the beast within Blackhawks goaltender Corey Crawford after the two collided on a scoring chance for Fabri.

There probably wasn't a way for Fabri to avoid contact in this instance, but Crawford wasn't about to let a blues player drape himself all over him regardless of the circumstances, and immediately went after him in the corner, more than ready for a fight.