Crosby fan caught sucker punching another fan at the game.

What a coward.

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The National Hockey League is known for having tough fans and tough players, but there's nothing tough about acting like this.

A video has surfaced showing what appears to be a clearly intoxicated Pittsburgh Penguins fan wearing a Sidney Crosby jersey at Nationwide Arena, and it appears that the fan may not have been in a great mood after watching his Penguins lose the game. 

After arguing with a group of Columbus fans for a few seconds in the video, the Crosby fan delivers a big sucker punch to the face of an unsuspecting fan, but after realizing that his blow accomplished nothing but making the other man angry, he proceeded to run away.

The fan was quickly followed by the group of people he attacked and we have to wonder if things didn't turn out much worse for him once they got outside.