Dany Heatley delivers the best P.K. Subban impersonation ever.

Heatley makes an appearance to poke a little fun at P.K.

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Update: Update: So... we’ve been duped. This is NOT the real Dan Heatley. But, regardless, it’s still spot on.

I certainly was not expecting to hear from former National Hockey League star forward Dany Heatley this summer, but here we are. 

One of the biggest stories of the summer thus far has been the one surrounding a rather surprising trade that saw star defenseman P.K. Subban go to the New Jersey Devils for relatively little return all things considered. The Predators got defensemen Steven Santini and Jeremy Davies out of the deal, along with the 34th overall pick at the 2019 NHL Entry Draft and a second rounder in 2020, but it was clear that the deal was motivated by both the salary cap and Nashville's desire to make a long term offer to star forward Matt Duchene

As a result the always flamboyant Subban has been all over social media over the course of the past week, both following the trade itself and after making his first public appearance as a member of the New Jersey Devils organization. Perhaps looking to piggyback a little on all the attention Subban was getting Heatley, seemingly out of nowhere, released a video in which he does a hilarious impersonation of the Subbanator. Now I do not believe this was intended to be mean spirited in any way. In fact it was funny enough that it seemingly got the seal of approval from Subban himself, who would signal boost the video poking fun at him across his own social media platforms. 

In the video Heatley can be seen mocking Subban's frenetic and often frantic-looking brand of play on the ice. I have to give the former NHL forward full credit here, this is probably the very best impression I have ever seen anyone pull off when it comes to P.K. Subban. The very best moment in the video however comes when Heatley topped it off at the end with another move that Subban has been known to use at times in his career. Heatley continues to stick handle wildly as he moves nearer and nearer to the edge of a swimming pool, and you can guess what happens next. Heatley seemingly falls into the pool, losing his balance, but something tells me that this may have been a bit of a dive.

Disclaimer: I can not officially confirm that this is Heatley, he is after all under a helmet, but the video originates from his social media so I think it's a safe bet to assume he's the man under the mask.