Dillon & Deslauriers trade bombs in one of the better scraps of the season so far.

A pretty good tilt between these two big boys.

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The traditional enforcer may already be a thing of the past in hockey, at least as far as the National Hockey League is concerned, and unfortunately for fans who enjoy that aspect of the game that means fewer and fewer scraps take place on the ice as the seasons march forward. Although that may not be ideal for those fans it does make the good ones that we do get all that much more special when they happen. 

On Saturday night fans who were in attendance for the matchup between Californian rivals the San Jose Sharks and the Anaheim Ducks were treated to one such scrap when 2 of the big boys on the ice decided they had seen enough of one another. It was Anaheim Ducks forward Nicolas Deslauriers taking on San Jose Sharks defenseman Brenden Dillon and it was clear from the shots being thrown by both men here that neither man was very happy with the other. 

This was a pretty lengthy tilt by today's standards as well with the National Hockey League officials on the ice letting them go for quite a while before they eventually stepped in. I can't say I blame them though with the haymakers that were flying in this one I would not have wanted to step in between these two while they were fully engaged either. 

Early on I think I would have given this one to Dillon and you could argue that he did land the most significant shot of the exchange between the two men, but by the time the officials stepped in between the 2 men it was starting to look like Deslauriers was taking full control of this one. Deslauriers landed some good shots late in the fight that caused Dillon to turtle up and hunch over but even then Deslauriers continued to connect by delivering some big uppercuts from the bottom, some of which looked like they were landing with quite a bit of power behind them. 

The fans of course were the real winners here and you can tell by the crowd reaction in the video below that the fans in attendance absolutely loved this one.