Don Koharski swears on live TV during OT goal review

This is hilarious! I love how he catches himself and then tries to cover up.

Published 1 year ago
Don Koharski swears on live TV during OT goal review

The Colorado Avalanche are headed back to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 2001 after defeating the Edmonton Oilers in Game 4 of the Western Conference Final.

But the win didn't come easily as they were forced to come back in the third period and put home the game winner in overtime on a somewhat controversial goal. Check out Arturri Lekhonen firing home the game winner after he appeared to high stick the puck:

That's pretty clearly a high stick to me from my vantage point. Wish the CBC or TNT crew showed additional camera angles, at least one that makes it conclusive.

To me though, the best part of the entire review was when former NHL referee turned TNT analyst Don Koharski exclaimed "holy shit!" on live TV.

Check it out: sssshhh ucks that's gonna be close!

In any case, the Avs win and they're headed back to the Cup Final. Because they tore through the Oilers so quickly though, they could have as much as a 10 or 12 day wait until they face either the New York Rangers or the Tampa Bay Lightning. Rest up, boys.

Source: NHL on TNT