Doughty and Tkachuk at it again and then all hell breaks loose!

A wild night in L.A.

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It is no secret that Los Angeles Kings star Drew Doughty and Calgary Flames star Matthew Tkachuk have arguably the best rivalry in the entire National Hockey League, certainly the best rivalry between two individual players at least, and that rivalry was on full display once again on Saturday night.

Drew Doughty and the Kings would get the last laugh on Saturday night with the Kings securing a relatively dominant victory, eventually triumphing by a margin of 4 - 1, however the highlight of the night belonged to both teams in this one. Everyone fully expects that Doughty and Tkachuk will be after one another like cats and dogs in these games, but this time the bad blood between the two spilled over to every man that was on the ice.

The incident occured when Tkachuk was skating the puck into the Los Angeles Kings zone, right into the path of the aforementioned Drew Doughty who appeared to be lining him up for a big time hip check. Tkachuk appeared to see this coming however and you could clearly see him pull up, even relinquishing control of the puck in an effort to avoid the worst of the contact from Doughty. Doughty would still upend Tkachuk with the hip check, however he would not get much on it and Tkachuk would quickly turn the tables by tripping up Doughty and then giving him a few stiff cross checks for good measure when he got on top of him.

That prompted Doughty's teammate Austin Wagner to get involved and he delivered a few cross checks of his own to the back of Tkachuk, and that was when all hell broke loose between both teams. Something that I can only describe as a dogpile would ensue with players from both teams jumping in to get in on the action, including a rather spectacular diving tackle from Calgary Flames captain Mark Giordano. In the video below you can see Girodano come flying in from the left side of your screen and crash into what appears to be Kings forward Kyle Clifford, catching him up high with both arms and knocking him back away from the pile.

Wild stuff.