Fans in Nashville unleash devastating chant on Malcolm Subban.

Fans in Nashville show Subban no mercy.

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One of the more interesting storylines heading into Friday night's games was the one between brothers P.K. Subban and Malcolm Subban going head to head. 

Big brother P.K., a defenseman for the Nashville Predators, had the home ice advantage playing in front of one of the most raucous crowds in the National Hockey League. Unfortunately for little brother Malcolm, a goaltender for the Las Vehas Golden Knights, the fans in Nashville weren't going to show him any mercy because of his family connections.

In fact if anything it sounded like the fans in Nashville may have been even more enthused about the chance to let "Subban" know just how much he sucks. 

While it's a tradition for fans in Nashville to serenade the opposing goalie when he lets in a goal, this one sounded like it was about to tear the roof off the building .