Videos : Ferland beats the hell out of domestic abuser Austin Watson.
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Ferland beats the hell out of domestic abuser Austin Watson.

Rough bout for Watson.

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You never want to wish ill on anyone but sometimes karma finds a way to bring a little justice to the world.

On Sunday during an afternoon match up between the Carolina Hurricanes and the Nashville Predators that justice came in the form of Hurricanes veteran forward Micheal Ferland. Ferland is having one hell of a game overall today, as has been the case for him as of late with the Hurricanes, but it will be the highlight that he created in the first period that will likely leave a lasting memory in the minds of fans who were in attendance and who were watching around the world today.

It is not a highlight that you're going to find on the score sheet but instead one that would make even the most seasoned of pugilists proud. Roughly midway through the contest's opening frame Ferland and Nashville Predators forward Austin Watson got on one another's bad side and after some back and forth between the two men behind the play they decided to drop the gloves. It was a decision that Watson would assuredly come to to regret as not only was he beaten soundly in the fight, but he was frankly dominated in humiliating fashion by the power and physicality that Ferland brought to the table. 

It was a brutal 3 punch combination from Ferland that both started and ended the fight for Watson, a stiff shot to the body followed by a devastating uppercut that rocked Watson's head back only to be finished off by a big overhand right to the face of Watson that dropped the Predator right down to the ice. To his credit Watson got back to his feet and tried to shake it off and seemed to be able to skate fluidly under his own power to the penalty box, in fact he even appeared to signal to his teammates from the box that he was fine. 

That being said there are many who will be happy to see Watson on the receiving end of such a beating given his recent past off the ice. Watson was recently suspended for an incident of domestic violence involving his girlfriend, and it seems he fares significantly less well when taking on members of the same sex.

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