First round pick collapses at Day 1 of NHL training camp.

Surprise surprise, the NHL is pretty grueling.

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As it turns out being a player in the National Hockey League is no easy feat to accomplish, even for someone with a pedigree as good as the one boasted by Colorado Avalanche first round draft pick Martin Kraut.

The 2018 first round pick (16th overall) joined the members of the Colorado Avalanche on the ice for Day 1 of training camp last week and needless to say it seems like Kraut may have been a little overwhelmed by the whole thing. Obviously training camp is going to result in some absolutely grueling workout sessions, but it seems as though Kraut was simply unable to handle the workload on the first day of camp.

In a video published on social media by Mike Chambers of the Denver Post, the 19 year old winger can be seen laying on the ice exhausted from the tough drills that have just taken place. Honestly when I first saw this video my initial thought was that Kraut had to be unconscious he was so still on the ice, but given the lack of concern from those around him I suspect he was merely attempting to catch a rest. That being said it was obvious that the young forward was taxed beyond his limits early in training camp and you have to wonder if his conditioning might not have an impact on his chances of making the team moving forward. 

The good news here of course is that the video also shows Kraut recovering from his collapse to the ice, or at least regaining his senses enough to power himself back up to his feet and towards the bench. We can confirm that Kraut seems to be doing fine after this incident because he actually responded himself to the video published by Chambers. Now you might think that Kraut would be angry about such a potentially embarrassing video being shared online, but instead the young man showed great character and instead apologized for what could be perceived as unprofessional behavior on the ice. 

"I'm sorry for this, it wasn't professional," wrote Kraut. 

Fans have rallied behind him in support as a result of this comment, so good on the kid for showing he has a good head on his shoulders.