Getzlaf & Perry both sucker punch Kempe in their final game of the season.

Blatant cheap shots on the final day of the season.

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You can bet that barring any trades or transactions of that nature that these two are going to have some big targets on their back come the 2019 - 2020 National Hockey League regular season any time they play the Los Angeles Kings.

On Friday night the Los Angeles Kings faced off against the Anaheim Ducks in what was, for the Ducks at least, the final game in what has been an extremely frustrating and disappointing season for that organization. Both of the team participating in this one were well out of playoff contention quite some time ago so this one was an entirely meaningless contest between two teams who never truly looked like contenders this season. You would expect that this would result in a relatively tame game between the two squads but it was anything but.

In spite of the fact that neither team had anything to play for at this point this was a nasty one with several altercations taking place after the whistle, including one particularly heated scrum taking place in the dying seconds of the games third period. At that point the Ducks were up by a score of 5 - 2 and both the outcome of the game and their season had all but been locked in at that point, but the Ducks still wanted to extract more punishment out of the Kings. 

Although there was a 3 goal lead with less than a minute to go all hell broke loose after the whistle and a massive scrum ensued between the two teams with the National Hockey League officials on the ice struggling mightily to regain control of things. There were simply too many men for the officials to handle initially though and unfortunately they ended up making things significantly worse for at least one of the players involved. 

Los Angeles Kings' forward Adrian Kempe was that player and he was right in the middle of the scrum when everything broke out. Kempe was also one of the first players with an NHL official on him, and that official grabbed onto him tightly as he attempted to restore order in the game. Unfortunately while Kempe was being held by the official he was relatively helpless to defend himself and that is when Ducks forwards Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf pounced. What came next was a sucker punch from both Ducks players on a defenseless Kempe, and one they both knew they would not have to answer for, at least not this season.