Gotta see it: Pastrnak's stick breaks on PPG

Broken stick? No problem!

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Pastrnak's stick breaks on PPG

Ryan Spooner tees up David Pastrnak, who breaks his stick on a tricky one-timer that goes through the legs of Peter Budaj for a power-play goal. "We played a strong game, and it was great for us. It's a huge win for us," Pastrnak said. "It was a good bounce, and sometimes it helps you and sometimes it doesn't go your way,"

The Bruins are now on a red-hot streak after firing their former head coach Claude Julien. “It’s not easy to do in this league, play big, heavy teams back to back, and [the Kings are] a good hockey club,” said Cassidy, who took over Feb. 7 after Claude Julien was fired.