Grabner scores with an unusual body part to end his 30 game scoreless drought.

That's one hell of a way to end a dry spell.

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If you're going to go on a 30 game goalless streak, at least make you sure you end it in style.

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Michael Grabner hadn't scored a goal in a very long time, but on Sunday night he finally ended that massive goalless streak with a little help from lady luck, and a little help from his posterior.

It looked for a moment like Grabner would not be awarded the goal, despite the fact that the puck went into the net the initial call on the ice was a penalty shot, likely the referee believed Petr Mrazek had been interfered with, but ruled that the collision was a result of Grabner being tripped.

Upon further review however it was revealed that Grabner hadn't really made contact with Mrazek, and even if he had, that contact did not warrant the goal being waved off, and Grabner was awarded the goal. The best part though has to be the fact that Grabner ended his scoring drought by pushing the puck into the net with his backside.