Halak gives away a brutal goal in Game 3.

Can't do that in the playoffs.

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If the Carolina Hurricanes manage to crawl their way back into this game this will be a moment that may haunt the Boston Bruins and backup goaltender Jaroslav Halak for quite some time. 

The Bruins were sitting on a comfortable 2 - 0 lead in the second period of Game 3 and in fact the Bruins appeared to dominate the play earlier in that period, but that was all wiped away due to a frankly brutal misplay on the part of the aforementioned Halak. The Bruins goalie, who admittedly has had to come in cold after months out of action due to a stunning announcement from Tuukka Rask on Saturday, simply tried to do too much here and as a result has cut the lead his team had by half. 

The Hurricanes were pressuring into the Bruins zone and in an attempt to quickly reverse that momentum back up the ice Halak made an attempt to play the puck down the ice from behind the Bruins net. The attempt from Halak turned into an absolute disaster however when instead of firing the puck up the ice he fired it right into the waiting hands of Hurricanes forward Nino Niederreiter who was gifted one of the easiest scoring opportunities of his career. 

Niederreiter caught the puck in his hand and dropped it onto his stick, finding himself entirely alone in front of the Bruins net that had been abandoned by Halak in an attempt to clear the puck. It was academic at that point for Niederreiter who just tapped the puck into the net like he was making the easiest putt of his life, on an empty green with absolutely no pressure no less. 

It had otherwise been an excellent game from Halak who was perfect up until that point, an admirable performance given the situation he was placed in by the decision from Rask.