Handshake line turns into an all out brawl.

Talk about a post game meltdown.

Jonathan Larivee

We don't often bring you stories from the Deutsche Eishockey Liga, otherwise known simply as the DEL, but when we do it's usually because of something crazy that has happened.

This week during a matchup between the Iserlohn Roosters and the Wolfsburg Grizzlys, fans in attendance were witness to one of these crazy happenings when an all out brawl erupted at the most unlikely of times. In fact it might be more accurate to say that the brawl occurred between the two teams after the game had concluded, given that the time had completely expired when the players all went nuts.

We're not exactly sure what served as the spark that lit the fire on this one as the camera at the time was focused on a post game interview that was being conducted just off the ice. The players who started the brawl were in the process of going through the handshake line before heading back to their respective locker rooms, but it was during those handshakes that something went wrong.

At first it looked like there was just some minor conflict between two individuals in the handshake line and the officials on the ice quickly moved in to seperate the two. That minor dispute between two players would quickly spread through both teams however and the officials very rapidly lost control of the situation as a much larger number of players began engaging in a brawl. 

It got ugly fast as many players were jumped from behind or dogpiled while they were down on the ice, situations that we have all seen lead to injuries in the past. The official video only shows a brief interaction between the players, with the footage of the brawl beginning around 4 minutes and 42 seconds into the video.

A fan also captured a video of the incident and although the quality of the video drops considerably in the fan's cell phone video, you do see a longer exchange between both sides play out. Here is the second video as captured by a fan in the crowd: