Hedman appears to suffer an injury and snaps on his way to the locker room.

Hedman loses it.

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The Tampa Bay Lightning have already lost star forward Steven Stamkos and based on his actions just moments ago it seems very much like Lightning star defenseman Victor Hedman may soon be joining him on the sidelines. 

On Saturday night the Lightning were facing off against the Philadelphia Flyers during the Stanley Cup Playoffs Round Robin format when suddenly during the game's first period the aforementioned Victor Hedman fell during a routine play and appeared to suffer a significant injury. 

We know nothing at this time, this just happened, but based on Hedman's reaction it appears as though he believes this is going to be a bad one. As you can see in the clip below Hedman absolutely loses it on his way to the locker room, attacking the guard rail with his stick, smashing it in frustration.

Here's the play that appears to have caused the injury:

Here's Hedman losing it:

Update: Hedman is done for the evening.