Huge hit leads to fight

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Huge hit leads to fight

The Tampa Bay Lightning and Detroit Red Wings don't really like each other and tonight we got an example as to why.

The two teams have played some pretty intense playoff series' these past years. Tonight some of that hatred for each other boiled over when Steve Ott destroyed Cedric Paquette.  Ott caught Paquette with his head down coming around the net with the puck. It seemed like Ott made contact with Cedric's face with his shoulder pad and might have left his feet. Paquette stayed down on the play and when he got up, you could see he was cut near his right eye. 

That was when Brian Boyle stepped in and dropped the gloves with Ott. Boyle gave Ott a few good shots with such a size advantage. 

Will there be a suspension for the hit? It will most likely be looked at by the NHL. Paquette returned to the game, so that will play in Ott's favor if ever there is a possible suspension.

 We will let you know if anymore details become available.