Ilya Kovulchuk crashes the net for a beautiful goal in the KHL.

An amazing individual effort.

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The National Hockey League may not be playing any games just yet and they won't be until after the World Cup of Hockey is done and over with, but there is still some terrific hockey being played in the Kontinental Hockey League.

There are even some faces and names very familiar to fans of the NHL doing big things overseas and the video below features exactly that. This clip is from Monday night in the KHL, and it features none other than controversial star forward Ilya Kovalchuk, who by the way will be at the World Cup representing Team Russia.

On this play Kovalchuk shows off the skills that made him a household name even in North America by crashing the net for his own rebound, completing an incredible individual effort by sacrificing his body to get the goal. To his credit, Kovalchuk didn't seem to notice he had just collided the with a metal post prefering instead to celebrate his goal.

Here's the video courtesy of the KHL.