Jack Edwards destroys the Hurricanes and Dougie Hamilton for wearing a retired jersey.

Edwards is not having it.

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Boston Bruins announcer Jack Edwards is certainly not everyone's cup of tea and in fact he finds himself routinely accused of being a "homer," and for good reason, but there's one thing you can not fault the man for and that is his love of the game. Edwards remains one of the most passionate broadcasters in all of hockey and on Sunday that passion came pouring out of him in a rather negative fashion for both the Carolina Hurricanes organization as a whole as well as defenseman Dougie Hamilton.

Hamilton and the Hurricanes were facing off against the Boston Bruins on what was meant to be a very special night for the Hurricanes organization. On Sunday the Hurricanes ditched their usual red, white and black jerseys for some new threads as they honored their history by instead putting on the jerseys belonging to the former Hartford Whalers. The Whalers of course have not been a part of the National Hockey League for over 2 decades now but the Hurricanes felt this was the time to pay tribute to their roots.

It seemed like a relatively harmless mood, although some people clearly were not fans of watching the colors of their former team worn by an organization that no longer has any real ties to the Hartford Whalers brand. No one however took more umbrage to the fact that the Hurricanes were wearing the Hartford Whalers' colors than Edwards, the voice of the Boston Bruins. Edwards ire seemed to focus in on one player in particular on the evening, Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Dougie Hamilton

You see Hamilton, like his fellow Hurricanes' teammates, was wearing the Whalers colors but Edwards took particular issue with the fact that he was still wearing his usual number, #19. Although there's no real conflict with Hamilton wearing the number for the Hurricanes, the #19 for the Whalers has long since been retired. The number belonged to former Whalers legend John McKenzie aka "Pieface" or "Pie" and considering that they also played in the New England market it's no surprise to see the ire from Edwards here. 

Many however felt that Edwards went way too far in his criticism of Hamilton, although I suppose that will be subjective.