Jake Guentzel goes head first into the boards after scoring a goal.

Guentzel shaken up.

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There was only one game on the National Hockey League's schedule this evening but it turned out to be a very entertaining one with lots of goals and plenty of rough stuff in between.

The scariest moment of the game came off the back of a goal from Pittsburgh Penguins forward Jake Guentzel, not normally a dangerous situation but in this case one that could have proved to be very ugly indeed. Guentzel scored the goal for his team only to find himself tripped up by Ottawa Senators defenseman Thomas Chabot, and with the way he fell alarm bells were going off in the heads of Penguins fans who were watching the game live. 

The fall caused Guentzel to go head first into the boards in sickening fashion and to be completely honest I would not have been surprised to see a stretcher come out for him given the way he collided with the end boards. Somehow though Guentzel appeared to be relatively ok, although he was clutching at either his shoulder or his collarbone as he writhed in pain on the ice. The good news was that Guentzel was able to get up under his own power, however he would immediately leave the game following the injury. We have no details yet on the severity of that injury at this time but it does not look great for Guentzel or the Penguins. 

The worst part of this of course is that just earlier today Guentzel was among the players selected to participate in the 2020 National Hockey League All-Star Game that will take place in the home of the defending Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues. The newly minted All Star could of course be forced to miss the game if this injury proves to be serious, something that would be a terrible shame for a young man who may never get another opportunity like this again.

Of course I am getting a little ahead of myself here as the Penguins have not as of yet provided an update on the health and status of Guentzel, so hopefully he will be just fine and will have no problems attending the All Star festivities.