Jake Muzzin suffers an injury in Game 6.

A bad break for the Leafs.


The Toronto Maple Leafs may have suffered a huge loss in the second period of Game 6, one that could potentially have a big impact on them moving forward. 

Although we don't have a great many details to share with you at this time it does appear as though veteran defenseman Jake Muzzin has suffered some type of injury away from the play. Muzzin appeared to be skating hard when he suddenly pulled up and appeared to be favoring either his mid section or his groin area, I suspect that the groin is the most likely source of this injury.

Muzzin has been a an important piece of the Maple Leafs defense and has been a grinder for the Leafs at key moments during the game, and now it appears as though he has been hurt. Here is the sequence that led to the injury:

Muzzin has been a big factor in enabling Leafs defenseman Justin Holl and it will be very interesting to see how Holl is used by Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe coming into the thirds period here if Muzzin is unable to get back into the lineup.

Update: Leafs confirm Muzzin is done for the night.