Jake Virtanen's hit misses Seth Jones and sends him face first into the boards.

That hurts in more ways than one.

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This one probably hurt in more ways then one.

On Sunday night the Columbus Blue Jackets took on the Vancouver Canucks in what turned out to be a pretty lopsided affair. The Blue Jackets completely dominated the Vancouver Canucks in what had to feel like a must win game for a Blue Jackets team that entered the game 4 points out of the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. By the end of it all the Blue Jackets had put up 5 goals on the Canucks without the Canucks ever find an answer of their own, but that does not mean that the game did not produce some memorable highlights.

Perhaps the most memorable moment of the game however came on something more akin to a low light for Vancouver Canucks forward Jake Virtanen. In the dying seconds of the game's second period Virtanen and his Canucks were down 3 - 0 and they desperately needed something to blow some wind into their sails, and Virtanen attempted to provide that. Virtanen, not a player known for a high level of physical play on the ice, tried to line up Blue Jackets defenseman Seth Jones for a big hit as Jones made an entry into the Vancouver Canucks zone after skating the puck up the ice from all the way back in his own end, but it was not to be for Virtanen.

Instead of leveling Jones with what would likely have been a pretty solid hit, Virtanen whiffed completely and launched himself into nothing but air. The result was Virtanen stumbling awkwardly as he missed the contact with Jones and that left him off balance enough that he went slamming face first into the boards. Not only did that probably feel pretty painful for Virtanen, but there's no doubt that he had to have walked away from this one with something of a bruised ego.

Now to be fair to Virtanen here it is not like he purely missed Jones of his own accord. Jones clearly saw him lining up for the hit and as Jones crossed the blue line he pulled off an incredibly agile move for a man of his size. It was that dodge from Jones that sent Virtanen into the boards.